EARTHSPEAK/Rotoplast pilot project in Mexico

February 2010, Oaxaca, Mexico. The pilot project (approved by the Rotaplast Board in 2008) involved developing a model for Rotaplast speech pathologists to provide follow-up speech therapy to Rotaplast patients who have had late repair of their cleft palates. The site was selected based on the availability of mentors, clients, and infrastructure through local Rotarians, Departamento Integral de la Familia (DIF), and local health professionals to provide outreach, speech camp, and follow-up.

A two-day workshop for 25 health care professionals was held in late February 2010. All participants had indicated their willingness to give a two-year commitment to the program. At the end of the workshop, almost all participants indicated they would like to continue with the ultimate goal of becoming either "master trainers" or "clinical trainers."

The visit also included speech evaluations and a three-day speech camp.

All activities were very successful, with average evaluation results for the overall camp experience being "very good." In addition, there were many words of congratulations and thanks for beinging the program to Oaxaca to help the professionals, parents, and children. The program and methodology were of high quality, but most of all it was done with love.