The story of Laxmi (Southern India)


Laxmi arrived in camp with her brother (who was also born with a cleft palate), mother, and uncle, who became her primary teacher. Both children had been operated on with successful surgical results, but they were left with largely unintelligible speech.

The children were ridiculed in their home village and were not full participants in school or village social life. There was no possibility of a normal life for them.

A week-long EARTHSPEAK camp and four months of training by their uncle produced spectacular results for Laxmi and her brother! They have now been given the gift of communication and the strong possibility of a normal and much more fulfilling life.

The miracle of the EARTHSPEAK method, called CORRECTIVE BABBLING®, is being played out for children all over the world.

To witness Laxmi's amazing achievements for yourself, view the two videos: